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Baby Bull

Baby Bull for Hire

Our Baby Rodeo Bull is the newest addition to our Rodeo Bull family “Billy Bronco” has been specifically designed for the little ones that are just that little bit to small to ride the full size Rodeo Bull.

The Mini Rodeo Bull Is the perfect addition to your little ones special day, as a treat or a perfect accompaniment to our full size Rodeo Bull. Ideal just to keep the little ones busy whilst the big kids are playing on the Big Bull. “Billy Bronco ” is much more tame that the full size Rodeo Bull only having the buck movement and not the spin motion making sure your little one have no chance of getting hit by the bull.

He is manually operated by our fully trained staff to make sure that each ride is tailored to the riders ability. The Baby Rodeo Bull is more of a ride than the big bull as the goal is for the rider to enjoy themselves and not simply hold on for dear life!.

The Mini Rodeo bull is controlled the same as the adults rodeo bull; Set in the centre of an inflatable arena, we can slow it down or speed it up dependant on the child’s ability, creating long-lasting memories and hours of laughter, who says the adults should have all the fun? Add something different to your child’s party, school fete or other event, covering Kent, Essex, London, the whole UK.

We also have a Spider Shelter that will prevent the rain spoiling the event or simply to provide shade in sunny weather.  

Minimum Space Required for our Baby Bull

Without Marquee...

12ft x 12ft square

9ft height clearance

With Marquee...

25ft diameter circle

14ft height clearance

Spider Shelter
baby bull
magic mirror
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