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Rodeo Bulls

Bring your events and parties to life with our Rodeo Bull / Bucking Bronco simulator. The hire prices below include a fully trained operator who is CRBDBS Checked. Whether you go for a 2 ,3, or 4 hrs party.  your time doesn't start until the first rider jumps onto our rodeo bull. We provide an operator with the bull and they are  the only ones that can safely operate the equipment for insurance purposes. We recommend this rodeo bull for any occasion such as birthday parties, BBQs, christenings, weddings, fund raisers/promotions,fetes etc. The aim of the rodeo bull is to stay on for as long as possible while the machine spins 360 degrees, bucks and moves side to side. Remember, you have to hold on to the rope with one hand only though! The longer you stay on, the faster and more difficult it gets!

Why choose our Rodeo Bull over all the others in the area??

1. Firstly, our rodeo bull is one of the safety. Our bulls are Gs engineering and are the top of the range, deluxe premium range - one of the safest on the market.
2. It was purchased brand new from the UK so it's in excellent condition.
3. All of our operators are enhanced CRB/DBS checked and wear uniforms.
4. Real cow hide, leather saddle,soft head and rider fall fail sate system
5: Our control panel will show you the current time of the rider and best time of the day.
5. Fully insured.

6. We are 100% reliable.

The rodeo bull is available for hire in Kent, London and Essex the surrounding areas. We'll even travel nationally if your happy to pay our reasonable delivery charges.

2hrs = £195, 3hrs = £245, 4hrs = £295 locally in Whitstable only (Additional Hours at £50 per hour).pls call us to book this in

2hr = £245, 3hrs = £265, 4hrs = £325  (Additional Hours at £50 per hour).Delivery charge may be applied



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