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Rodeo Football Hire

Are you looking to entertain football fans?  Look no further and hire a Rodeo Football today. A must have for a football themed party or event but suitable for any occasion such christenings, fetes, fairs, fun days, sportsman's dinner and much more, available across the UK, including Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

Hosting a charity event, why not hire our Rodeo Football or another one of our simulators.  Watch the competition rise between guests and customers as the rider  tries to beat the best time.  Spectators can cheer along watching the LED time display.  Watch as your guests simply hang on for dear life as our rodeo football spins, bucks, jerks and jolts through the increasing easy to difficult levelsThis frantic mechanical football ride is at the top of the league of sports themed fun. Based on the ever popular rodeo bull why not hire our rodeo football big match build up too or add some fun to the end of season party.

What's included:

  • 1x Rodeo Football attachment
  • 1x Inflatable safety mattress
  • 1x Control unit with safety stop function
  • 1x 25m of electric cable
  • Member of technical staff to operate the machine

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable age range - 5yrs to 99yrs.  If you can sit on, you can ride.
  • Dimensions - 4.6m x 4.6m x 2.7m. (L/W/H)
  • Dimensions - 15ft x 15ft x 9ft. (L/W/H)
  • Suitable for Indoor use? - Yes, providing your venue is large enough.
  • Suitable for Outdoor use? -Yes, providing we are within reach of an electricity supply.  If not, please contact us for generator hire.
  • Suitable for both soft and hardstanding
  • Fun staff member included.  This item includes technical staff for assistance & reliability. Please be aware that staff are in place for Technical assistance & user safety for uptime only. Our staff are not in place to take responsibility for the running of the event, aiding customers, pulling in crowds, assisting users, finances, charging customers & looking after children. Please contact us for staffing and entertainment options.
  • Access required - This item is heavy and required good access at all times, We need a minimum of 34inches/ 86cm to be able to get the machine into position. This is around the same width as a standard UK doorway but please check. Steps, hills and obstructions can be tricky but if you let us know in advance, we will be able to ensure the correct delivery method is undertaken or extra staff arranged to help manoeuvre or lift the machine in advance.

We are covered by our Public Liability insurance for all events.  Risk assessment, disclaimers and method statements available after booking

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